Convention Tickets

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here

Entrance Ticket Costs:

As last year, tickets come in three flavours, Saturday, Sunday or Weekend.

Daily Tickets: (Saturday or Sunday)

  • Daily Tickets are £12

Weekend Tickets:

  • Weekend tickets are £20
  • Early Bird Tickets are £15 but are limited in quantity

These tickets cover entrance to the convention, market, exhibitions, and seminars as well as entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings – that is everything apart from tournaments and specific RPG’s, these are priced below.

We may use a free ticket to control numbers at some attractions. Your entrance ticket will get you into those attractions, however we recommend you book your place in advance for those anyway to avoid disappointment.

Event Tickets

Event tickets can only be obtained either online, or from us in person at an event. They will not be available over the counter, or over the phone.


All RPG’s are charged at £4 per player, per game.

Tournaments and Competitions:

We are running a number of events over the weekend, and some of those are ticketed. Make sure you book in to those before they are all snapped up.

Tournaments are priced separately, but are typically £22 to enter, but include Weekend convention tickets. Please check your specific tournament info for details.

How to buy tickets

You have a number of options to buy tickets this year.

Online Tickets:

As last year, you can buy your tickets online. Once again, we are using Eventbrite for online ticket sales.

For convention tickets, simply click on “Tickets” in the top menu, and then “Convention Tickets” and you will be taken to the Eventbrite page where you can buy your convention and tournament tickets.

For event tickets, simply click on “Tickets” in the top menu, and then “Event Tickets”, and you will be taken to the Eventbrite page for buying event tickets.

You can also use these links:

Please note:

Eventbrite do charge an admin fee for tickets, and this will be added on top. This fee does not however apply to free events.

Tickets in Person: 

This year, you will be able to buy Convention and Event tickets in person.

We will be attending a number of events this year, where you will be able to buy tickets from directly. Also, if you buy them from us in person, not only do we get to see your wonderful faces, you get to avoid any admin fees as well. It’s win win!