This Scene is Dead!

Day: Sunday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 15:00
End Time: 19:00
Maximum Players: 6

Game System

Cyberpunk 2020

Adventure Description

Tuesday 14th Feb 2020, “Weather forecast…Hot and Sunny as always folks, or at least it is VR Paradiso, where the synth mojito’s are as limitless as the hours of sunshine and as tasty as our cyber escorts! Book your next VRcation today with DreamPark and get the VIP trip of a lifetime, at a price you’d be CyberPsycho to say no to!”

Rain lashes down outside Club Velveteen, you ponder this once in a lifetime offer that has been bombarding you constantly all week long from every vidscreen, dataterm or screamsheet you’ve gone past. An adgorithm has clearly decided you need a holiday, and perhaps after tonight disappearing into VR for a bit might not be such a bad idea.

The Velvet was one of the retro clubs that had appeared across the city in imitation of the famous “Satriani Neon” that opened a year ago down in the Nouveau docklands. Now that was a place for proper gangsters and b-listers, the Velvet…..well it was a known dive, frequented by losers, gangers, drugged corps and the occasional old reality tv star. It was also the kind of place a dead beat ex cop turned bounty hunter might find a paying (willingly) or paying (unwillingly) client. Ideally they might even find a shit head bail-runner called Ransome without his gang of ghosthunters in tow.