The Venue

This year, we are at the City Centre Holiday Inn just off the Bear Pit Roundabout.  We are delighted to be in a bigger venue this year, there is more space to bring you even more content, but also the support to allow us bring you the best convention we possibly can.

It’s a great venue, and within walking distance of both the train station and bus station, though you can get a bus from the train station to the bus station if you feel like walking the whole way is a bit far.

There is on site parking this year, and for those wishing to stay with us for the whole weekend the venue itself is a hotel. This also means there is food on site in addition to the bar, and for those who want to make this part of a bit of a break, there is a gym as well, but we are sure you will be much to busy for that.

If you want more info about this particular Holiday Inn, or to make a booking, you can do so here


On site: