The Throne of the Frog Queen

Day: Sunday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 15:00
End Time: 19:00
Maximum Players: 5

Game System

Dungeons and Dragons – 5th Edition
Genre: Fantasy

Adventure Description

You and your party of adventurers have travelled to the backwater hamlet of Garigill. A hamlet under a suspected curse. A huge reward has been put in place for anyone capable of solving the mystery. Many mages and wizards have flocked there hoping to cure those affected.

The strange blight has seen many young lads turned into frogs. The town is in terror, but all is not what it appears and something sinister hunts in Garigill.

Do you and your confidants dare tackle the Throne of the Frog Queen?!

This is an apprentice tier game and players will start at level 3-4 dependant on number of players.