The Market Square

The Market is always a favourite, and whilst we aren’t quite ready to lift the lid on who is coming yet, there will be some familiar faces there from previous years, and new faces as well. The market will our biggest one yet, and we look forward to sharing the names with you over the next few months.




Rules Of Play

Board games, card games, role playing, miniatures, LCGs, CCGs. We even sell dice.

We aim to combine every customer with the perfect game for them, resulting in an explosion of gaming awesomeness and happy people!







The Shop on the Borderlands

The Shop on the Borderlands has the UK’s best selection of second hand and out-of-print roleplaying games, plus a large selection of the hottest new RPGs and board games.





The Crafting Jones

Geek Chic Creations for You and Your Home! With our handcrafted accessories and homeware created from real game pieces, you can show the world your love of gaming and brighten up your life. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Place a custom order to show off your unique geek chic!





Redwell Games

We will be bringing our Party, party game Vote ME!, which is our award winning debut game we released in June 2018. We will also be demoing Ka-Zing, a spell-casting game that went onto Kickstarter in October 2018 and some of our future releases, including the fast playing Six Gun Showdown.






Echidna Games

Echidna Games are makers of fast-paced skirmish games that let you use the models in your collection. We’ll be demoing our science fiction game Laserblade and will have copies of all of our games up for sale.






DMB Dungeon Tiles

Handmade & Hand finished 3D Dungeon Tiles produced right here in the UK and gaming accessories for gamers by gamers.
We will also have a demo of our upcoming Dungeon Delving Board game Rosebyrne Manor, and gaming accessories like Dice, Reaper bones miniatures and RPG Games.