The Eye of the Storm

Day: Saturday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 09:30
End Time: 13:30
Maximum Players: 6

Game System

Legend of the Five Rings 4th Ed
Genre: Feudal Japanese Fantasy. Swords and (some) Sorcery.

Adventure Description

Doji Misato looked at the growing storm around her ship, her sampan wasn’t built to cope with the winds and waves being thrown at it. She had thought, according to her Shugenja , that this was going to be fair weather sailing. Clearly the spirits had been wrong.

Below she was taking the junior members of the delegation to meet with the Mantis Clan. Her senior Captain had thr pleasure of the most experienced envoys and nobles. That was fine with her, she didn’t want that responsibility just yet. The storm was getting worse, she sent the crew and the passengers below. Leaving her and her first mate, Yasuki Abe to pilot the vessel.

Was it just her imagination or did the howling winds sound like the tortured voices of all those lost at sea…

She prayed to the fortunes that she could serve her lord and deliver the envoys in one piece….