RPG Events

Once again this year, we’ve four tables running games at any given time, however this year, the new venue means that we can be a bit more civilised about the slots we have available, and breaks between slots.

Game Times:

Saturday Feb 23rd

  • Morning Session: 09:30 – 13:30
  • Afternoon Session: 15:00 – 19:00

Sunday Feb 24th

  • Morning Session: 09:30 – 13:30
  • Afternoon Session: 15:00 – 19:00

Game Cost:

This year, there is a cost for players to attend an RPG session, however we have kept the price as low as we can at £4 per player per session.


DayStart TimeSystemGenreGameGMPlaces Remaining
Saturday09:30 -
Squaddies (Cortex+)Military Sci-FiBlack Sands ValleyDr Bob3/6
Legend of the Five Rings 4th Ed
Feudal Japanese FantasyThe Eye of the StormEd Stitson6/6
D&D 5eFantasyThe Cursed Estate of House RickterWill Gawned1/6
D&D 5eFantasyThe Wild Sheep ChaseIan Sandford4/6
15:00 -
Lone WolfDark Ages FantasyOnward 'Til MorningMark Crew6/6
D&D 5eFantasyA Night with the Dream CatcherWill Gawned1/6
Call of CthuluLovecraftian HorrorDead Light - Surviving one night outside ArkhamIan SandfordSold Out
ParanoiaDistopian FutureA funny thing happened on the way to the termination boothDavid CopeSold Out
Sunday09:30 -
Dr Who: Adventures in Time & SpaceSci-FiUrban SprawlDr Bob1/5
Shadowrun 4th EdDistopian Sci-FiFamily Isn’t Just BloodEd StitsonSold Out
Call of CthuluLovecraftian HorrorNecropolisIan Sandford6/6
15:00 -
D&D 5eFantasyUnderdark UprisingMike ScraseSold Out
Cyberpunk 2020Distopian FutureThis Scene is Dead!Ralph Scott5/6
Fate AcceleratedSci-Fi HeistDastardly Deeds at Waypoint 7Alexander Birke2/4
D&D 5eFantasyThe Throne of the Frog QueenMitch Hodge3/5



We are still open to GM’s and DM’s who want to volunteer to run a session.

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