Important Info and FAQs

Welcome attendees,

As the convention draws closer, we are ready share some more information with you, and make other information easier to find.

Opening Times

Saturday: 09:00 till late
Sunday: 09:00 till 21:30


There are a number of options for accomodation nearby.

The Holiday Inn

First up, and the most obvious, The Holiday Inn itself. With all the advantages of on site accommodation, not going outside, only a lift between you and your room at the end of a day, the choice to decide exactly when the end of you day is…

On a more serious note, you can find everything you need to book the Holiday Inn here:

Premier Inn – Bristol City Centre Haymarket

The closest hotel to the Holiday Inn where the convention is held that isn’t the Holiday Inn is the Bristol City Centre Haymarket. Handily located on the other side of the round about, convention attendees can stare at each other from their rooms across the traffic, wondering what could have been…

Ok, more realistically, if you want a hotel near the Holiday Inn, but aren’t staying in the venue itself, this is as close as you are going to get. You can find information about the Premier Inn – Haymarket here:

Premier Inn – Bristol City Centre Lewins Mead

It’s ok, sometimes we leave booking our room till the last minute, and all rooms in the venue or the hotel nearest the venue are gone. Well, don’t worry, Premier Inn (again) have got your back. If you weren’t quite quick enough to get a room in one of the other two hotels, a mere 5 minutes walk on the other side of the bus station is, another Premier Inn!

There really isn’t much in it between the Premier Inn’s save about 5 minutes walking. You can find all you need to know about Lewins Mead here:

Parking and Transport

Getting to the Holiday Inn couldn’t be easier, it is one of the reasons we are holding the convention where we are. There is car parking next door, it’s over the road from the Bus Station, and less than a mile from the train station.

The routes shown are walking routes, but if you are looking for a public transport link, click the “more options” link below the directions, and Google will give you a steer on bus and taxi routes.

It is also worth noting, you can use Uber in Bristol.

By Car

Parking in Bristol isn’t cheap, and you can expect to budget around £16 to £18 a day for parking. That said, if you do decide to drive you have a few options.

The nearest car park is the NCP Car Park Bristol St James Barton, which is next door. Supremely convenient, but a tad on the expensive side. There is a discount rate if you are staying at the Holiday Inn, but the discount is not the biggest. That said, the full day rate is pretty standard across the city, and you won’t get anything closer. The couple of pounds extra for an NCP space is probably worth it.

You do have other options for 24hr parking, the nearest alternatives to the NCP next door, of which Trenchard Street Car Park or the Cabot Circus car park are about equidistant and similar in cost. Cabot Circus is probably slightly closer.

Park and Ride

There is also the park and ride if you don’t mind a bus journey between you and your car. The big problems with the park and ride are:

  • No overnight parking
  • Closes at 22:45
  • Closed on Sundays.

This really limits it’s usefulness for those coming for the weekend, but if you are only coming on Saturday, the parking is free and a bus ticket is £2.

From the coach station

By Train