Family Isn’t Just Blood

Day: Sunday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 09:30
End Time: 13:30
Maximum Players: 6

Game System

Shadow Run 4e
Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Adventure Description

It was another wet, cold and miserable night in the Sprawl of the city of Bristol. Another night of filling time chilling out around the castle park ley line node or perhaps a joyride through the Cabot shopping district. The Ashton Gate hellcats were encroaching on your turf more and more. Perhaps a bit of fun messing with them?

That’s when you got the call, “I got a job, simple as mate”. Your fixer Winnie called you up and offered you some easy cash. “Listen, its a pretty lush job, in and out, null sweat as the yanks say.” “ Meet is at the waterfront bar “The hole in the wall”, be early mind!”

Oh well its a payday, looks like it’s going to be stims and cider tomorrow night…