Dastardly Deeds at Waypoint 7

Day: Sunday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 15:00
End Time: 19:00
Maximum Players: 4

Game System

Fate Accelerated
Genre: Sci-Fi Heist

Adventure Description

Game Summary: In this one shot you get to be part of a cunning crew of space scoundrels who is taking on the biggest caper of their lives. The risks are great but the rewards even greater- and shinier!

The year is 2648 and humanity has discovered they can travel between the stars through the use of wormholes. Humanity is not the only ones to discover this new method of transport though. Turns out the galaxy teems with weird and wonderful alien cultures. In the systems where there’s no habitable planets to colonize, the Terran Federation have constructed the Waypoint stations to serve as trading ports. One of the most notorious of these is Waypoint 7, where people come for a thrill ride, gamble away their last paycheck, or to find their fortune in the teeming criminal underworld. A crew of cunning burglars can do well here, if they pool their resources, come up with a solid plan and utilize the unique set of skills they bring to the table.

Together you have set your sights on the Golden Moon casino and it’s wealthy and shady owner Theodor Blackmoon. What will your specialty be? Will you be the face of the group lying your way past security? Or perhaps you’re the holographics expert, helping the rest of the team’s activities go by unnoticed. Maybe you’re a stretchy alien cat burglar, or the explosives expert with a short fuse. One thing is for certain. You each have your own motivations for doing this caper. Time will tell if you’re cunning enough to pull it off.