Black Sands Valley

Day: Saturday
Price: £4.00
Start time: 09:30
End Time: 13:30
Maximum Players: 6

Game System

Squaddies: Cortex+: Basically the system the Firefly game uses, has story points
Genre: Military Science Fiction (War, Action, Investigation, Rising Paranoia)

Adventure Description

BLACK PEGASUS [casevac chopper]: Copperhead Three this is Black Pegasus.  We are on approach to coordinates lima alpha seven niner seven four.  We have no visual confirmation.  Where’s your smoke?

COPPERHEAD THREE: Black Pegasus, this is Copperhead Three.  Smoke everywhere… smoke…

BLACK PEGASUS: Copperhead Three – I see no smoke.  Repeat, I see no smoke.  Please confirm your coordinates.


BLACK PEGASUS: Say again, Copperhead Three.

COPPERHEAD THREE: It’s on fire!  Everything’s on fire!  [Voice tails off into a prolonged scream. After 30 seconds the TX cuts off].

The casevac chopper scoured the area but couldn’t find any sign of vehicles, people, bodies, fire or signal smoke in the vicinity of the requested coordinates. Your platoon is being sent to find out what happened. Lucky you.