Concord Gaming Convention opened its doors for the first time in 2016, and after a successful event, launched into 2017 going from a one day to a two day event.  2018 was our best year to date, with more people attending on Saturday of 2018 than on all previous events put together.

2018 was our best year for many reasons, but we have learnt from it once again and now feel we have the numbers and expertise to offer a top class convention experience.

2019 sees the return of convention favourites, with dedicated table top board games, RPG’s and market – and also the addition of several new elements. The pre kick-starter demos last year were a lot of fun, and play testing them was great bringing a lot of excitement and colour to the convention, so this year we will have a “Kick Starter Corner” section to the market, as well as a larger selection of regular traders. The Catan Regional Tournament saw one convention attendee making their way to the nationals at the UK Games Expo, with a free ticket, accommodation, and transport. That merely gave us a taste for tournament fun, and we have an improved tournament line up for you as well.

Last but by no means least, 2019 sees us move into professional event hosting spaces. We couldn’t have got going without the support of our previous hosts but we are delighted this year to be moving the convention into the Holiday Inn – this offers us and you many advantages, on-site accommodation, on-site parking, lifts, on-site food, and of course the on-site bar you are used to. The change in venue also means that for the first year we will have a fully accessible venue, and will be able to welcome under 16’s (provided they accompanied by an adult).

We look forward to seeing you next year, and continuing to grow together.